Eco-participation Eco-jouet and sorting instructions

Eco-participation Eco-jouet and sorting instructions

Eco-participation Eco-jouet and sorting instructions

For Toys and Games: Since January 1, 2023, an eco-participation fee has been added to the prices of toys and games, aimed at funding collection, sorting, and recycling efforts. Through this eco-participation fee, which is redirected to Ecomaison, both distributors and customers become active participants in environmental preservation.

Who is Ecomaison?

 Ecomaison is a government-approved eco-organization funded by the eco-participation fee. Its purpose is to collect and revalue all used toys and games, giving them a second life through recycling or utilizing them as a source of energy. Its ultimate goal is to achieve "ZERO waste."

Which products are affected?

The products covered include those designed for children under the age of fourteen for play purposes, whether exclusively or not. This encompasses outdoor games, indoor games, board games, and puzzles (up to 500 pieces), as well as gift toys. Additionally, models, puzzles (over 500 pieces), and board games intended for children aged 14 and above are included.

Want to get rid of a toy or game?

You can donate it to a social and solidarity economy association, drop it off at a waste disposal facility, or have it taken back by your store. Please refer to the conditions for this in-store return service. On all products subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes, a sorting guide is provided to consumers, presenting all possible solutions for giving used items a second life.

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The three destinations are presented in an order that maximally encourages donation and thus the reuse of the product:

  • Donation to social and solidarity economy associations.
  • Return to the store, subject to certain size or turnover conditions of the store.
  • Deposit at a waste disposal facility.